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1.1 Some major Role
1.2 Our work Activities
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Public Relations officer plays a very critical role in almost every Educational institution. According to the National School Public Relations Association, “Educational Public Relations is a planned and systematic management function to help improve the programs and services of an educational organization. This indicates that activities of educational public relations are a two-way affair involving communication between the institution and its audiences.” Educational Public Relations Officers (PROs) assist students and work with the school management and various groups within institutions. They distribute newsletters containing information about campus events; build and maintain ties with alumni, lecturers, staff and Students.

1.1 PRO’s have some major roles to perform for any educational institution which are as follows:-

Ø  Planning publicity strategies and campaigns.
Ø  Writing and producing presentations and press releases.
Ø  Help the union to gain an enhanced reputation.
Ø  Analyzing media coverage.
Ø  Improve internal relations; lecturers, students, other administrative staff.
Ø  Maintain good relations with the community.
Ø  Maintain positive relations with the alumni.
Ø  Liaising with students about their timescales and objectives.

These aims will be used in our Institution as soon as I emerge the winner. We seem to apply in large measures to our institution, although their relative importance may be different. Nowadays, our university is becoming increasingly aggressive in our academic activities to convey an image that is favorable and in all aspects beneficial to our students, be they prospective applicants, students, etc. we will try our best to create and maintain a very positive image amongst the minds of the students. We will do so through measures like press conferences regarding any new development in the institute, press releases concerning the activities, branding of the university, maintain contacts with the people who can benefit the university in any way. It includes the who’s who of the society, the media people and also our alumni.
We will be organizing large scale events and hold public meetings. The universities nowadays believe in the trend of branding, which is done through specially designed logos that convey the mission and vision of the university. The logo becomes the identity of the university. Just like any other universities, the students union also has their ups and downs which they try to cover up through CRISES MANAGEMENT and they profoundly depend on their Public Relations Officers (PROs) to tactfully manage all these affairs.
PRO has got a prominent role in the university with regard to deal with management as well As the students and at the same time to gain business and fame for the institution. our right move will bring lots of fortune to the institution and at the same time, the wrong move takes away the fame of the university. As PRO to the union, I will be very committed to manage with the relations and to derive good rapport and fame for the university.

From the office of the PRO, we will be writing promotional material and press releases. Producing brochures, leaflets and videos. Organizing press briefings and news conferences. Attending or setting up exhibitions and conferences. Gathering, distributing and filing all media coverage generated for students. Analyzing coverage and tracking emerging issues using digital tracking on, for example, websites or blogs of interest to our students.
By the time I assume office, I will collaborate with all the PROs to all association in the university and I will make sure that We improvise one very tangible platform in at least two campuses we have which will be feeding Bukiets with necessary information in a daily basis. With the help of deanery, one of it is going to be a DIGITAL BILLBOARD standing at the forefront of the university where every student will have access to see it. VIEW the prototype below:


1. The visual advantage – Digital billboards are built with lighting Sensors, so they always look their best. And because they are backlit, every Color is vibrant and always holds its true hue. Contrast this with print, which looks different in the morning light than it does in the evening. During the day, print is lit too brightly, but at night, it’s practically impossible to see. Not a problem with digital billboards. Also, the digital format has one huge advantage that even the most carefully crafted print billboard cannot match.

2. The flexibility advantage – If print advertising was more convenient and Responsive to work with on the backend, then it might still be a fair fight. It’s not a fair fight. Digital billboards are much easier to work with for advertisers and offer a spread of useful timing options.Once an advertiser knows what the format is for the billboard, their designer just has to get to work and send the relevant files over. The lull between design completion and advert launch is just hours, so companies can be as responsive as they need to be in creating digital advertising. If changes need to be made to the layout (and they always do), it can be tweaked and updated, again, within a few hours. Try that with print.

And what if those changes need to be made across an entire network of billboards instead of just one? No extra work needed. Try that with print. It goes so much further than that, though. Digital billboards are programmed to display a variety of adverts throughout the day, so a company can match its messaging to what people are most likely to be receptive to at the time. In the morning? Advertise lunch specials. Rush hour? Tell people where they should be for that night’s big game. Friday? Show people what they could be doing this weekend, like a trip to an amusement park or a vacation in the next town over. Schools in? Museums are a good way to supplement that class work. Rainy day? Bring them to the mall. Perfect weather? If there’s something going on at the park, here’s a chance to communicate it. Targeted advertising is one of the greatest strengths of the digital format. Even better, all of these layouts can be designed in advance and kept on hand for when those timing opportunities present themselves. There’s no need to scramble at the last minute to piece something together, so designers can take their time making something great.

3. The cost advantage – It’s amazing to think that digital advertising could be less expensive than print adverts, given their sizeable edges in versatility and effectiveness, but less expensive it is. Print advertising is static as it must be printed. And it has to be transported to the billboard’s location and manually installed. All of this takes labor and material – expensive labor and material. Digital billboards require little of either, so advertisers reap immediate cost savings just from the slimmer operations. Cost savings are realized in other ways, though. Because digital layouts can be tweaked and edited with little effort, it doesn’t cost much to make alterations. Print, by contrast, has to be switched out when there is an issue.

Digital advertising also gives companies more precision over when their advertising is displayed. This is not just a versatility advantage. Advertisers can pick the time and date slots for their layouts to be displayed, so companies only have to pay for the time they use. With careful planning, businesses can realize extremely impressive cost to benefit ratios with their digital billboards. This is particularly true when a company is aiming for a shorter advertising run. Although the standard wisdom is to run an advert for at least two weeks to gain maximum exposure, there are times when a brief campaign may be more appropriate. Advertisers have this option with digital billboards and can reduce their operating costs accordingly.

Finally, while print billboards can conceivably be installed anywhere, including desolate stretches of highway, digital billboards are almost universally placed in high traffic areas. The investment into a digital billboard is significant, so owners won’t settle for anything less than a high value spot. Although advertisers have the final word on where their messaging goes, they may have to settle for poor locations to get a reasonable price. With digital billboards, every location is a winner, so there is less doubt about whether or not a campaign will reach its intended audience. Clearly, there is much to chew on with digital billboards. In capable, creative hands, they can transform the way a company approaches outdoor advertising, improving brand image, driving up consumer interest or just generating some useful chatter in the area. A digital billboard is the newest, and one of the most effective ways to make that happen. Clearly, there is much to chew on with digital billboards. In capable, creative hands, they can transform the way a company approaches outdoor advertising, improving brand image, driving up consumer interest or just generating some useful chatter in the area. A digital billboard is the newest, and one of the most effective ways to make that happen.

Strategically placed LED billboards are an excellent method for delivering high-quality Information and promotional messages to a broad range of students and even the potential students of the university, who can pass by the displays in any number of locations. Unlike standard billboards, digital billboards use extremely efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) to present large-scale full-color broadcast-quality graphics, animations, and video, or some combination of all three. The overall effect is to grab and engage the attention of individuals so that they will focus on the message. Studies show that a person is more likely to remember the content from an animated billboard over the static content of a standard billboard.
For us to turn these plans in to reality then,WE
and VOTE for ProSANUSI-OGA as PRO SUG., BUK 19. Thank you all.

                                                                                                                                 SIGNED : Sanusi Aminu
CONTACT: 08062596482


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